What's in a Name? THE S.A.G. is the official name of the school Newsletter. 
  •  So, what does S.A.G. mean? Well, it can simply mean St. Anthony Giants. 
  • But there is a deeper meaning. A few of St. Anthony's miracles are attributed to letters and mail. In 1729, a Spanish wife whose husband left for Peru wrote a number of letters to him without receiving a reply. She thought something terrible had happened. After many months of worrying and with faith, she brought a letter with her to the Church of St. Francis at Oviedo. In the church, there was a large statue of St. Anthony. She placed the letter to her husband in his the statue's hand and prayed the following prayer, asking for his St. Anthony's intercession: "St. Anthony, I pray to thee; let this letter reach him and obtain for me a speedy reply." The next day, the letter in the statue's hand appeared as if it had never left. However, when the wife pulled the letter, she saw it was from her husband. After opening it, she read that he had not received any letters until this last one. 
  •  As he explained, he also thought something terrible had happened to her. In memory of this event, the practice of writing S.A.G. (St. Anthony Guide) on letters has become popular, placing the letters under the protection of St Anthony whom they trust will get the letter safely to its proper destination. 
  •  The original letter, written in Spanish, is kept and preserved at the Franciscan Monastery in Oviedo.