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Registration Forms 2020-21

We are so excited that you have traveled to this part of our page.  Please look around the "I AM A GIANT" section of our site to become more familiar with St. Anthony students and staff.   We encourage you to call our school, and speak with Mrs. Jones, the Voice of St. Anthony.  She will help walk you through the registration process and invite you on a tour during our school hours or make special arrangements if they are needed to better serve your schedule. 

The following links in this section will take you to the applications and forms needed to officially start the process.  Please note, submission of applications does not mean acceptance.  Contact will be made via email, phone, or mail for verification of acceptance or other placement (wait list, class full, etc.).

Applications are incomplete if all the necessary information and documentation has not been turned in with the application.  Priority is given to completed applications as described in tab Acceptance and Process.

Registration FEE:  a  non-refundable registration fee of $75.

Printable Form
Application Form :

Options for completing the Printable Form  Application form:
* Print this form and mail it
* Print it, scan it, and email it to:  

2020-2021 Admissions Application

Online Fill-in and submit
Application Form :

Step 1:  Create an account
Step 2: Complete each tab of information.
  • Family Details
  • Parents/Guardians
  • New Students
  • Submit to School
Step 3:  Turn in all necessary documentation to the main office in order for application to be complete.

EdChoice Scholarship
Forms and Info
Feb. 1, 2020 - April 15, 2020
Scholarship and tuition assistance options are available through the Ohio EdChoice Scholarship Program. The necessary Forms are linked with the site. However, you made need more information and clarification to complete the forms.

Ohio EdChoice Scholarship Program Guidelines:
We accept EdChoice Scholarships for those students that meet the eligibility requirements:
● Students currently attending a designated public school in their resident district;
● Students attending a public school in their resident district who will be assigned to one of
the designated public schools for the upcoming school year;
● Students currently attending a charter/community school whose assigned home
school is a designated public school building;
● Students eligible to enter kindergarten for fall 2020 (and who will be age 5 by 9/1/2020)
who would be assigned to one of the designated public schools; or
● Students enrolling in an Ohio school for the first time who would be assigned to one of
the designated public schools for the upcoming school year.

All Ohio EdChoice Scholarship recipients will NOT be eligible to receive scholarships in
subsequent years if:
● The student moves outside of his/her current public school district and into the
attendance area of a public school building that is not designated for EdChoice;
● Fails to take each state test prescribed for the student’s grade level;
● Or the student is absent for more than 20 days, not including documented excused