About US

Thank you for visiting our site.  We believe that your search was not a coincidence.  We believe that there is an opportunity for a fresh start or the first step in educating your child.  In cooperation with parents, who are the child’s first teachers, we focus on developing the total child in a Christ-centered, Catholic environment.  

Our Mission

We, the community of St. Anthony School, inspire one another to model Christ by having a courageous and compassionate spirit. We ignite 21st Century learners with an unwavering dedication to the advancement of the whole child.
                               Our Values

As Catholic educators, we believe that children are influenced by their home life, education, and
a society in which Christian values are often challenged. The faculty of St. Anthony is committed
to assisting parents fulfill their obligations of instilling Christian values and educating their
children. In cooperation with parents, while respecting their fundamental rights as the primary
educators of their children, we offer young people the best possible opportunities to develop into
caring, responsible, and productive citizens.

• We are a ministry of St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Church.
• We assist parents to form the whole child.
• We educate students to develop their God-given gifts in accordance with Judeo-Christian morality and the truth of Jesus Christ and His Church.
• We inspire our students to follow the example of Christ-like courage given by our great patron, St.
• We prepare them to be leaders for 21st Century America.

Our Core Values​ ​are based in the Tradition of Scripture and charisms of St. Anthony:
Spiritual Development

Students at St. Anthony participate in Morning Prayer, weekly Mass or Community Prayer.
Daily religious education classes and periodic retreats provide an opportunity for students
to develop their spirituality.

Second Graders participate in First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion. Grades Three-
Eighth participate in Reconciliation during Advent and Lent. Our Eighth Grade students receive the Sacrament of Confirmation.

Students throughout the school also participate in school-wide service projects, as well as,
community projects performed on their own or as a class.

There is always an open invitation to all family members who would like to share in our Mass or
Community Prayer Services with us.

Our Curriculum

We follow the Archdiocese of Cincinnati Graded Course of Study in all academic subject areas. 
Archdiocese of Cincinnati Graded Course of Study.


Students participate in the Science Fair, Spelling Bee, Right to Read Week, Field Day, Music Instruction, Creative Art
 Show,  Children’s Choir and an art program through a partnership with K12 Art Gallery


Our technology is partnered with Netdemics

Our Pastor:  Leads the Beacon of Light Parishes and the Schools. He truly models the love and compassion of Christ.  He is committed to the growth and education of our students and school.

 Our Principal:  
 Believes that there is a purpose and plan given by God within each person- student, faculty, family member, and guest. With creativity and encouragement, opportunities are created for God’s plan to be revealed and built up in others. She is committed to our students, families, and Parish.

Our Educators:   Our amazing educators, teacher assistants, and support staff are the foundation of excellence at St. Anthony.  Although we are a blended staff of experience and backgrounds, every staff member is an active learner of their profession. Each models the compassion of Christ, while operating in the gift of their calling.  We believe that every student deserves whole-class and individualized experiences to grow and build on success.  

Our Families:  One word summarizes our St. Anthony families: Dedication.  Volunteers, events, and evening activities are led by our parents.  The support given to staff and the school is second to none.  If our educators are the foundation, our parents definitely are the cornerstones.  

Our Students: Currently, we have 187 students who bless our hallways and classrooms.  We educate students from grades K-8.  Celebrating families, many of our students have siblings who currently attend or are alumni.  St. Anthony is a family legacy.  We honor the diverse faith and cultural backgrounds of our students.  It is God's love and our love for one another that unites us.  We meet each learner's needs and abilities with the resources of individualized plans, tutoring, counseling, ESL teacher, and speech pathologist.