St. Anthony School Wellness Policy

St. Anthony School is committed to providing school environments that promote and protect children’s health and well-being. Our Goal is for all students in St. Anthony School to have the knowledge necessary to make nutritious food choices and enjoyable physical activity choices for a lifetime.

Health Education

  • St. Anthony offers comprehensive health education in grades K-8.
  • Classroom health education will complement physical education by reinforcing knowledge needed to maintain a active lifestyle.
  • Also aims to teach, encourage, and support healthy eating by students.

Marketing a Healthy School Environment

  • Promote healthy lifestyles to students by hanging nutritional food posters near the food line and cafeteria.
  • Eliminate any advertising that will promote foods of minimal nutrition value.
  • Wellness Policy will be posted on St. Anthony School website for parents to view.

Physical Activity

Daily Physical Education

  • All physical education will be taught by a certified physical education teacher.
  • Students will spend at least 50 percent of physical education class time participating in moderate to vigorous physical activity.
  • All students will receive daily physical activity (equivalent of 150 minutes a week, including recess)
  • When possible Physical activity will be scheduled before lunch times in order to increase food consumed, decrease plate waste, and improve cafeteria behavior.

Daily Recess

  • All Students will have at least 15 minutes a day of supervised recess, preferably outdoors, during which schools should encourage moderate to vigorous physical activity.

Other Physical Activity

  • St. Anthony will offer extracurricular physical activity programs.
  • After-school Child Care will provide and encourage – verbally and through the provision of space, equipment, and activities – daily periods of physical activity for all participants.
  • School facilities and spaces should be available to students, staff and community after the school day, and on weekends for the use of activities.


  • St. Anthony School shall offer Breakfast and Lunch with menus meeting the meal patterns set forth by the United states Department of Agriculture (USDA).
  • We will encourage students to make food choices based on the guidelines.
  • Offer a wide variety of fruit and vegetable choices to ensure eating and to

help limit the amount of waste.

Nutrition Standards

  • Portions will be served according to the USDA guidelines and will be appropriate for age/grade level.
  • Serve only low-fat (1%) and fat-free milk, along with low-fat yogurts and cheeses.
  • Ensure that Whole grain and enriched grain products are incorporated in our menus.
  • Offer a variety of fresh, frozen, and canned fruit and vegetables.
  • Any snacks or ala carte items will meet nutrition guidelines.

Food Available for Sale Policy

In reference to Ohio Revised Code # 3323.814

  • St. Anthony has no vending machines available to students during the school day.
  • We do not sell soda to students.
  • The only beverages sold is milk, juice & bottled water.
  • Ala Carte Food items being sold to students will follow the food and beverage standards..
  • Any school-sponsored groups selling food during school hours must follow these standards.
  • There will be no selling of food for group fundraising during lunchtime

Free and Reduced-priced Meals

  • St. Anthony will continue to ensure that all eligible children qualify and receive free and reduced price lunch. The school will make every effort to protect the identity for students who are eligible for free and reduced price meals.
Other Activities to Promote Student Wellness
  • Drinking fountain will be available for students to get water between and at meal times
  • Opportunity to carry clear water bottle and keep throughout the day.
  • Children will have adequate time to wash hands before and after snack/meals
  • School nurse/Guidance Counselor will be a resource for a student/families who request assistance with nutritional and physical issues, counseling, etc..

St. Anthony School Wellness policy was established through the collaboration

of the school principal, physical education teacher, food service manager, and parents.

Once a year we will conduct a review to ensure that the wellness policy is implemented and identify areas for improvement. Our next meeting to review the wellness policy is scheduled for 8/11/2018.

In accordance with federal law and U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) policy, discrimination is prohibited on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age, or disability.

To File a complaint of discrimination, write USDA, Director, Office of Civil Rights, Room 326-W, Whitten Building, 1400 Independence Ave, SW, Washington, DC. 20250.USDA is an equal opportunity provider.

Revised 8/7/2017