SNOW/Calamity DAYS INFO:  

  1. If Weather Advisories or Warnings are predicted… Beginning at 5am,  WATCH Channels WDTN (2). WHIO (7) and WKEF(22) for “St. Anthony”.  We will always attempt to delay/cancel school as soon as possible, as we try to factor in the predictions, current conditions, and safety of students and staff.

  1. We have 2 messages that may appear:

  • “2 Hour Delay”: school arrivals begin at 9:40am.

  • “School is Closed”, “Closed”

  • 2 hour delays may transfer into “Closed”

  1. Please listen for your ONECALL (make sure you have the correct phone numbers in the office if you have not been receiving them.  You and your students are important to us.) As a side note, if you hit reject or dismiss and the ONECALL is not sent to voicemail or answered, it will continue to call until it is received.  Onecalls end at 8pm.

  • ONECALLs will now be numbered in the order they were sent.

    • “This is Message 1”....

    • “This is Message 2”.... “disregard message 1”:

    • The latest (Message 2) ONECALL will be the  most accurate.

    • Anticipate a 2nd message if we are on delay...

  1. If weather is inclement and school is still in session:

    1. Please drive carefully

    2. Dress students warmly

    3. Allow enough safe travel time.

  1. Behind the scenes: The order in which events happen:

    1. ONECALL is made.

    2. TV stations are notified.

    3. Staff are Texted.

    4. Any Adjustments or changes happen in the same order.

It takes longer for ONECALL to cycle through which is why it is important to watch the TV CHANNELS.