When does the school day begin? When is dismissal?
  • Breakfast is served from 7:30-7:40am
  • Student arrival starts at 7:40-7:50
  • The day officially begins at 7:50am and ends at 2:45pm.
What type of transportation is offered?
  • Walking, Car drop off/pick up, Day care drop off/pick up
  • Even though we are within the boundaries of the Dayton Public School system,we do not have Public School Transportation.
Is there a cost? 
  • Financial Aid is available based on income verification.
  • EdChoice Scholarships are available to those who meet the requirements. If received, tuition is paid in full through the Scholarship.
What do my children do about lunch?
  • Chef Hughes creates hot lunches daily. Two choices are offered to the students.  The cost is $3.50.
  • If the requirements are met, students may receive free or reduced hot lunches.
  • Home-packed healthy lunches are definitely an option. Milk may be purchased through the cafeteria during lunch.
Are there athletics or other activities available?   Yes.
  • Field Day, Healthy Heart Day in conjunction with the Huesman Heart Foundation, Track & Field Fitness Challenge are activities that happen during school days
  •  CYO/SAY Soccer, CYO Volleyball, and CYO Basketball are after school, weekend activities Grades 4-8. Dayton CYO
  • SAY Soccer is available for students in grades K-4. 
  • The parish also sponsors a junior volleyball and basketball league that meets on Saturdays for students in grades K-3.
  • Clubs are also available after school based on teachers' schedules.
Are there family nights or activities?   Yes.
  • Family Club sponsors Family Fun Nights with children’s games, kid-friendly food, and activities: Pumpkin Carving, Saints Evening, Mardi Gras, and Spring Fling. Other events occur throughout the year.
Will my child have religion classes or be able to receive the sacraments?
  • All students at St. Anthony participate in weekly Mass or Liturgy of the Hours. 
  • All students Daily religious education classes and periodic retreats provide an opportunity for students to develop their spirituality.
  • Second graders participate in First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion.
  • Our junior high students receive the Sacrament of Confirmation. 
  • The students also participate in school-wide service projects as well as community projects performed on their own.
What if we are not Catholic?
  • Our student population has a diverse background of faith. 
  • Because we are a Catholic school, we honor and celebrate Catholic Tradition, practices, and beliefs. We share our faith as models of Christ's love. Some parents have found that there is an opportunity to reinforce their own faith practices or grow in faith. 

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